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Volume 13(3); 2009
Noise and Hearing conservation
Mechanisms of the Prevention of Noise-Induced Hearing Loss
Woo Seok Kang, Jong Woo Chung
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):201-205.
Auditory and vestibular disorders
Localized Scoring System for the Facial Paralysis
Seok-Hyun Cho, Keun-Young Lee, Seung-Won Jeong, Jong-Min Kim, Seung-Hwan Lee, Chul-Won Park
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):211-215.
A Bacteriologic Study of Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
Dong Ho Jung, Hee Sung Chin, Dong Yeol Han, Won Ik Jang, Dong Wook Park Byung Don Lee
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):216-221.
Result and Surgical Consideration for Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus
Woo Joo Kim, Ji Won Chang, June Choi, Sung Won Chae, Hak Hyun Jung Gi Jung Im
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):222-225.
The Effect of Intratympanic Steroid Injection for the 371 Patients with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Mi-Joo Kim, Jung-Ho Lee, Seong-Phill Moon, Gyu-Cheol Han
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):226-231.
A Clinical Review of 501 Dizziness Cases Who Carried Out Vestibular Function Test
Dong Yeol Han, Won Ik Jang, In Hyo Lee, Kyu Hun Kim, Byung Don Lee
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):232-236.
The Relationship between Electroneurography and Caloric Test in Patients with Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome
Chang-Yong Ko, Kyoung-Ho Park, Shi-Nae Park, So Young Park, Sang Won Yeo, Jae Hyun Seo, Seong-Chon Park, Jeong-Hoon Oh
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):237-240.
Case Reports
Rotational Vertebral Artery Occlusion:An Unusual Case of Vertigo with Head Rotation
Hong Ju Park, Hong Gee Roh, Yong Soo Jeong, Hi Boong Kwak
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):241-243.
Two Cases of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss Caused by Vertebrobasilar Dolichoectasia
Tae Hoo Kim, Il Seok Park, Yong Bok Kim, Beom Gyu Kim
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):244-249.
A Case of Auricular Pilomatricoma
Sun Gui Kim, Yong Ho Park
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):250-254.
A Case of Dermoid Cyst Nearly Obstructing the External Auditory Canal
Seung Won Jeong, Seung Hwan Lee, Han Seok Yu, Young Ha Oh
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):255-257.
A Case of Intracranial Abscess after Mastoidectomy
Nam Gyun Kim, Eun-Ju Jeon, Dong Hyun Kim, Yong Soo Park
Korean J Audiol. 2009;13(3):264-267.
  • Spontaneous Upbeat Nystagmus and Selective Anterior Semicircular Canal Hypofunction on Video Head Impulse Test: A New Variant of Canalith Jam?. Korean J Audiol. 2022;26:153-159
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