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Volume 2(1); 1998
Hearing aids
Hearing Aid Component and Its Characteristics
Sung-Kyun Moon
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):3-9.
Hearing Aid Candidacy and Selection Criteria
Nam Pyo Hong
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):10-16.
Hearing Aid Fitting and Verification
Tae Hyun Yoon
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):17-22.
Post-Fitting Modification of Hearing Aids
Kwang-Sun Lee
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):23-32.
Hearing Aids in Pediatric Hearing Loss
Sun O Chang, Tack Kyun Kwon
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):33-37.
Noise and hearing conservation
Changes of Cochlea Hair Cell and Hearing Threshold in the Rats with Experimental Noise Induced Hearing Loss
Ki-Hong Chang, Sang-Won Yeo, Eun-Ju Jeon, Yong-Soo Park, Byung-Do Suh
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):38-43.
Expression of PKC and VDCC mRNA Subunits in Auditory Brainstem Nuclei
Seung Hoon Han, Hak Hyun Jung, Han Kyu Suh, Soon Jae Hwang, Hyun Ho Lim
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):44-49.
The Inhibitory Effect of Pamidronate Disodium on the Bone Resorption Using Fetal Rat Calvarial Bone Culture
Jong Woo Chung, Hee-Jong Chang, Jun Yeon Won, Jung Hyeog Park, Seock Bum Seo, Hyung Jong Kim, Tae Hyun Yoon
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):50-53.
Expression of Anti-Heat Shock Protein 70 and Anti-68kDa Protein in the Sera of the Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss
See-Ok Shin, Moo-Jin Choo, Wan-Kyo Jeong
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):54-59.
Hearing Handicap Inventory for the Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Eui-Cheol Nam, Tae Hyun Yoon, Kwang Sun Lee
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):60-63.
Changes in Auditory Brainstem Response during Intravenous Lidocaine in Patients with Tinnitus
Hoon Young Woo, Soo Sung Lee, In Bum Kim, Young Min Kim, Hyuk Ki Jang
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):64-68.
Surgical Treatment of Acoustic Tumor:An Approach to Preserve the Function
Won-Sang Lee, Sung-Kyun Moon, Ho-Ki Lee, Woon Kyo Chung, Seung-Chul Lee
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):69-74.
A Clinical Analysis of Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome
Tae-Hyun Kim, Seong-Chul Park, Chul-Woo Jung, Jeong-Seob Choi, Yong-Bum Cho
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):75-80.
Hearing Improvement by a Combined Therapy of Low Power Laser and Ginkgo-Extract on Sudden Deafness
Keehyun Park, Hong Jun Park, Yun Hoon Choung, Byung Chul Kim
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):81-86.
Case Reports
Cerebellopontine Angle Tumors with Sudden Profound Hearing Loss
Sang Hoon So, Chang Yoon Lee, Hyung Jong Kim, Se Hyuck Park, Sae Moon Oh
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):87-91.
Bilateral Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Sung-Kyun Moon, Myung-Hyun Chung, Jin Won Suh, Ho-Ki Lee
Korean J Audiol. 1998;2(1):92-97.
  • Spontaneous Upbeat Nystagmus and Selective Anterior Semicircular Canal Hypofunction on Video Head Impulse Test: A New Variant of Canalith Jam?. Korean J Audiol. 2022;26:153-159
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